We Can Talk About The Weather

We Can Talk About The WeatherJust ten days ago, I thought winter had arrived. Although I had to drive 45 minutes North of the city to take this picture, there was a lot of snow on the ground and I was scraping my windshield in the morning.

This week has been gorgeous. It was 10°C this morning and we're expected to hit 14°C by this afternoon. It looks like we'll stay in double digits through the weekend which is good because James and I have plans to check out a bearded dude in a red suit. Rumour has it he'll be in town, cruisin' our downtown streets, subtlety reminding kids that if they're naughty, they'll pay come Christmas Day.

St. Nick is a lot like a mob boss when you think about it. He demands respect because people fear him. He's always around at this time of year as a constant reminder that you've got to be nice or else. If you want something, you have to have a brief meeting with this boss to make the request. He'll deliver, but there are always conditions. He's always watching you to ensure you meet those conditions. We're never free from his reign of terror, but when he makes the rounds like he's doing this Sunday, we come out in droves to wave and cheer him on. We don't do this because we care for him, we do this because we fear the consequences.

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