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The Santa Claus Parade

The Santa Claus Parade

James and I have just returned from the 100th annual Santa Claus Parade.  We got there early to secure a killer spot by Queens Park station on the East side of University Avenue across from the Princess Margaret Hospital.

I took a tonne of picture and I'll probably share a bunch later today.  I hadn't been to this parade since I was a kid and I ended up enjoying it as much as James.  There was still a bunch of stuff I remembered from twenty years ago and it was a big wallop of nostalgia to the noggin.  I saw Blinky the police car, Elmer the safety elephant, the clowns who walk on their hands and those same darn polar bears I remember with such fondness.

It's already been an awesome day and I'm home well before kick off in the 92nd Grey Cup.  Arrrrgooooooos!!!!

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