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Guest Blog SubmissionAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following submission earlier today.

Mike, give your head a shake. What are you thinking trashing Mrs. Doubtfire! It's a funny movie. How many movies if you think about it do not make sense when you actually think about it. I know almost every movie I watch I could say 'oh sure like that would ever happen in real life'. Movies are strictly for entertainment. If you do an analysis on movies being like real life why bother to watch movies. Watch documentaries. Or listen to that crappy music of yours.

Leave Ms. Doubfire alone.


It seems my trashing of the Mrs. Doubtfire premise has struck a nerve with some people. Somebody else contacted me about my controversial opinion of this beloved movie earlier. My issue is with the premise. There's no way those kids and their mom could hang with Mrs. Doubtfire and not detect "her" resemblance to their father and ex-husband respectively. The movie itself is fine, I remember laughing a few times when I took my Grandmother to see it at the old Humber Odeon theatre at Jane and Bloor, it's just that premise I can't get beyond. That and their censorship of House of Pain's "Jump Around" at the beginning.

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