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Election Day

Election Day

It's election day for our neighbours to the South.  This morning, to mark the occasion, I wrote an entry that was sure to rank amongst my best.  It was worthy of being placed alongside "Touch 'Em All, Joe", "My New Year's Eve" and "Bands I Hate".  It really was something special.

Just prior to FTPing it to this site, I surfed a little web and saw that another Mike with a blog had written a very similar piece.  This other Mike nailed it right on the head so I decided to delete my entry and link to his instead.

"One Day Left" by Michael Moore.  The man makes some excellent points.  It's a very good read.

Now for my prediction...  I believe John Kerry will win this election.  It will be close, and Dubya may very well eke out a slim victory in the popular vote, but the Electoral College votes will go to Kerry by a whisker.  I think this election will be decided by the youth.  I'm talking about college kids, Howard Stern and Eminem fans and the like.  These are the people who aren't reflected in the polls...they don't have a home land line and don't make the polling lists.  They live on their cell phones and "the Internets".  These youth can see what other's can't.  They can see that the choice is clear.  They will vote for Kerry.

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