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Doubtfire 4 Dummies

Doubtfire 4 Dummys

At some point on Saturday afternoon, Mrs. Doubtfire found its way onto our television.  There was Robin Williams, dressed as an elderly woman, taking care of his own kids.  This has never sat well with me.  Do the writers of Mrs. Doubtfire assume we're all a bunch of dummies?

Are we to believe that three children who collectively lived with their father for decades can't tell that nanny is really their dad in drag?  Give me a break.  I can tell looking at Mrs. Doubtfire that she's a modified Robin Williams and I've never lived with the man.  Wake up kids!  Look at the eyes, listen to the voice, smell the damn coffee!  As for Sally Field, she should definitely know better.

The entire premise is faulty.  Just thinking about it upsets me.

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