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Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven

Tomorrow morning newspapers in Boston or New York will be delivered with the headline "Seventh Heaven".  It's a virtual certainty.  At least one of the major dailies, and sometimes more than one, will go to press following tonight's ball game with that headline in large font on the front page.

As a baseball fan, I've been thoroughly enjoying this series.  Down 3-0 to the Yankees, I left the Red Sox for dead.  Now we're treated to a game seven tonight to see what new creative way Boston finds to cough it up.  The Curse doesn't just dissipate because the Red Sox rally to win three in a row.  The Curse is more likely the reason the Red Sox have rallied to win three in a row.  It's a giant tease to make Red Sox fans believe again.  Hope that was lost three games ago is now very much alive which will make tonight's defeat all the more heart breaking.

That is how The Curse works, isn't it?

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