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Pearl Jam is set to release its first ever greatest hits album, entitled "rearviewmirror", on November 16.  The 33 track record will feature two discs, "Upside" and "Downside," featuring up-tempo songs as well as slower ballads, respectively.  I've been curious as to which 33 tracks would make the cut ever since they announced this release.

Below are the tracks from the Upside of "rearviewmirror".

  1. "Once"
  2. "Alive"
  3. "Even Flow"
  4. "Jeremy"
  5. "State of Love and Trust"
  6. "Animal"
  7. "Go"
  8. "Dissident"
  9. "Rearviewmirror"
  10. "Spin the Black Circle"
  11. "Corduroy"
  12. "Not for You"
  13. "I Got ID"
  14. "Hail Hail"
  15. "Do the Evolution"
  16. "Save You"

Below are the tracks from the Downside of "rearviewmirror".

  1. "Black"
  2. "Breath"
  3. "Daughter"
  4. "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town"
  5. "Immortality"
  6. "Betterman"
  7. "Nothingman"
  8. "Who You Are"
  9. "Off He Goes"
  10. "Given to Fly"
  11. "Wishlist"
  12. "Last Kiss"
  13. "Nothing As It Seems"
  14. "Light Years"
  15. "I Am Mine"
  16. "Man of the Hour"
  17. "Yellow Ledbetter"

Awesome.  Totally awesome.

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