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Kerry's Sox

Kerry's Sox

You've got a formidable but basically evil incumbent machine, that clearly represents big money interests and has zillions of dollars to try to buy victory, which it has been quite successful at doing ever since the mid-90s. You've got a challenger from Massachusetts, who fell behind early and has made a variety of missteps that hurt its/his chances. Now, in a series of highly-watched contests on national television, the challenger has managed to climb back into it, to eventually win.

Sure, that describes the Red Sox' big win over New York last night, but it's also a good description of the American election next month.  I can't take all the credit for is as I stole the gist from here, but you can't deny the similarities.

If the Red Sox can come back from a three games to none deficit against the Yankees, who says John Kerry can't come back and beat Dubya?  I think the Red Sox victory will even help Kerry in his campaign.  Everyone suddenly has warm-fuzzy feelings about all things New England and if they manage to reverse the curse and win the World Series Kerry may ride that Boston high to victory on November 4th.

We can only hope.

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