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Remember back in March when CFNY Edge 102 announced the lineup for Edgefest 2004?  I wrote this entry lambasting them for selling Good Charlotte as the headliner, especially considering the fact they won't even play Good Charlotte on their station.

It was all so hypocritical, I wrote CFNY Edge 102 Program Director Alan Cross about it.  I posted his complete reply here.  Something Alan Cross wrote to me didn't sit well with me then and doesn't sit well with me now.  Below is the offending verbiage.

Good Charlotte was part of the playlist until sometime last year and, believe it or not, they were insanely popular with a significant portion of our audience. We stopped playing them because the album had run its course and we moved on to other things.

Clearly, Alan Cross is disagreeing with my statement that they no longer play Good Charlotte.  He's claiming they did play Good Charlotte until the album ran its course.  The insinuation is that CFNY Edge 102 would play a new Good Charlotte album and there was no hypocrisy at play when they were heavily promoted as the Edgefest 2004 headlining act.  I knew Alan Cross was feeding me hogwash then and I definitely know it now.

Take a gander at the current MuchMusic Countdown.  Good Charlotte is sitting pretty at #12 with their latest single "Predictable".  This is the first cut off their new CD, The Chronicles of Life and Death.  Now take a peak at the Thursday 30.  Do you see any sign of "Predictable"?  Thankfully, no.  They aren't playing the new Good Charlotte album because they realize their listeners don't like them.  This is a smart decision on CFNY Edge 102's part.  The poor decision was hiring Good Charlotte to play under the Edgefest banner.

I still think Alan Cross is one of the good ones and typically honest and open with his listeners, but he's been caught blowing smoke and it has tarnished his integrity in my eyes.  Yet another victim of Good Charlotte and their reign of terror.  When will this madness end?

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