No Dinosaurs

DinosaursI had to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion with James about dinosaurs this week. You see, James is a big fan of dinosaurs. He has a dinosaur puppet, dinosaur toys and speaks of them often. The kid loves dinosaurs.

Sometimes he'll rhyme off a list of animals that live in the jungle. All the usual suspects are there; lions, tigers, monkeys, zebras, giraffes and so on. He also throws dinosaurs in the mix. He's been talking about the dinosaurs living side by side in the jungle with the lions and tigers for a while now, but this week I felt it was time Daddy and James had a little chat about this.

I gently explained that the dinosaurs were real, but weren't around any more. I glossed over a few theories as to why they aren't around any more, my favourite being the ice age, and I told him they won't be found in the jungle. He took this news well and today if you ask him what animals are in the jungle he leads with "no dinosaurs" before telling me about the monkeys, zebras and giraffes.

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