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ESPN is reporting that Vince Carter wants out of Toronto.

I suppose we all saw this coming.  Vince has been complaining about everything in Raptorland for quite some time now.  According to a league source, Carter is not happy with the hiring of Rob Babcock as the Raptors' new general manager nor with the selection of Rafael Arajuo with in last week's NBA draft.  Now, Carter has asked for a trade and has even presented several different trade proposals to the Raptors.

We'll probably comply with his wishes because nothing is worse than a star who doesn't want to be there.  This is why Antonio Davis had to go.  We'll never be able to get equal value back, but in the end this might be for the best.  Still, Vince is our star and it will hurt to watch him suit up for another team.  This is Vin-sane.

Looking back at the Vince Carter era in Toronto, I'm proud to say I was there for his finest moment.  His 51 points against the Suns in a come from behind victory remains a Raptors record and I was at the ACC to see it all unfold.  It was awesome, Vince was awesome and like everything else, it too must end.

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