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Reinstalling XP

Reinstalling XP

I formatted my C: drive yesterday and reinstalled Windows XP.  I felt it was time for a clean slate.  I had the installation files for all the applications I use ready on my D: drive so getting things to the way I like it was fairly painless.

The first application I installed was Mozilla Firefox.  I never even opened Internet Explorer.  Firefox is so quick on it's feet, adheres to standards I respect and makes surfing the web much more convenient with their tabbing.  There is no way I will ever return to Internet Explorer.

From what I can tell, this past month has been a big one for Firefox in terms of converting IE users.  Several colleagues at work have made the switch and I've successfully converted a number of friends.  I have no doubt IE still has a vast majority of the browser market under their wing, but I'm certain it's a substantially smaller figure today than it was six months ago.  Firefox is only gaining momentum and as web users become more educated and wisen up to the facts, Firefox will get a bigger slice of the browser pie.

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