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My Nephew

My Nephew

What were the odds Ryan and I would have children born on the exact same day?  I'm not talking about sharing a birthday with a close family member, but an actual birth date.  Michelle was born at 12:55 this morning and Kara gave birth to my nephew Zander at 3:01 this afternoon.  Zander weighed in at five pounds and five ounces and is a sharp looking dude.

What a day. I was actually at the hospital visiting my newborn and Taryn when I got the good news about Zander.  After our visit, James, Grandma, Steve and I made the trip to visit Ryan, Kara and their new bundle of joy.

This is completely bizzarre and in defiance of all odds.  Forever and ever, these cousins will celebrate their respective birthdays in unison.  They'll both turn 1 on the same day, 16 on the same day, and 50 on the same day.  It's quite the bond for Michelle and Zander.  I'm a proud father and uncle today and completely and utterly exhausted.

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