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Carlos and Vince

Carlos and Vince

Here in the capital of the world (Toronto, in case you didn't know), all the sports talk has been about the "imminent" trade of our two biggest stars.  If you excuse Mats, Ed and the gang on skates, Toronto's biggest sports stars are Carlos Delgado and Vince Carter.

Already this month I've written two entries essentially saying goodbye to Vince.  The rumour mill was working overtime and it looked like he was on his way to Dallas.  Now, nobody is sure of anything.  It's entirely possible we're cheering Carter's name on opening night as he stays with the Raps.  I'm hoping he does because players with his talent are few and far between.

Then, there's Carlos Delgado of my Toronto Blue Jays.  Unlike Vince, there's no rumblings about how Carlos would like a trade and isn't happy.  The problem here is strict economics.  Delgado makes about 40% of the Blue Jays payroll and with our current budget we'll likely never compete with the Yankees and Red Sox of the world.  Trading Carlos will free up some cash for some badly needed starting pitching.  Still, I don't want him to go either as he's a fantastic ball player.

Here's my proposal to Rob Babcock and J.P. Ricciardi.  Lets keep superstars like Vince Carter and Carlos Delgado in Toronto.  Both have a number of good years ahead of them and both are assets to their respective clubs.  Why would we want to see them play anywhere else?  Keep 'em and sign Delgado again when his contract expires at the end of the season.

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