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Bush League Bell

Bush League Bell

I'm steaming mad at Bell Canada right now.  Tonight, my home phone is out of service.  I can't place calls and I can't receive calls.  Coincidentally enough, I placed a call to Bell earlier in the day regarding another matter.  Hmmm...

Somehow, Bell got their wires crossed and dropped my home service.  I certainly didn't make such a request, but it sure happened.  I first realized we were without phone service at 18:00 at which point I immediately called 310-BELL.  I figured the customer service lady I spoke with earlier in the day had inadvertently got my service cancelled and I assumed someone would be able to turn a swich or whatever to return things to the way it was when I awoke this morning.  How hard would it be for Bell to undo their mistake?

After battling an automated answering service by the name of Emily for a half hour, I finally managed to swindle my way to an actual living, breathing human being.  Unfortunately, this human being wasn't able to fix Bell's error.  In fact, he kept telling me I might have to pay big bucks if the problem with my service was due to bad lines in the house.  As if there's any chance this incident is unrelated to the call I made to Bell earlier in the day.  I wanted their error reversed and fast because important calls were expected.  No worries, my issue will be looked at first thing tomorrow morning.  That's right, there's nobody at Bell who can help me after 18:00 with an issue this severe and this obvious.

To recap, Bell screwed up majorly and at 18:00 on a Friday night I'm SOL until some time Saturday morning.  The CSR tried to feign sympathy but I wasn't buying it.  At the end of the call, he had the audacity to try and sell me a monthly insurance plan so I don't have to incur the huge expense of having a Bell technician visit my home if my wires crap out on me.  I reminded him that this was their screw up and I had no intention of giving them another dime of my money.  I think it totally bites that they shut off my service in the first place but having to wait twelve hours for the issue to get looked is ludacris.

I'm looking at other options for my home phone service.  Sprint Canada's plans start at $29.95 but I think that's the only viable alternative out there.  Once this issue is resolved I'm going to call Bell and give them a chance to make things alright again.  They better pony up a little cash to ease my pain or Sprint will be hearing from me next.

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