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Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Most television sucks.  What's rarer than a decent sitcom?  It might be the hardest art to master.

There are some decent programs but they all seem to originate from the HBO network.  If you don't count HBO shows, I'm pretty well left with "The Simpsons" on my must-see list.  Nothing else interested me...until I started watching another Fox show called "Arrested Development".

To make my life easier, Fox and Global are airing "Arrested Development" right after "The Simpsons" at 20:30 EST on Sunday nights.  This is ideal for me because I watch "Six Feet Under" at 21:00 that night.  "Arrested Development" is very well written, very well acted and entirely addictive.  It's hilarious.  Clearly, the three funniest shows on television are "The Simpsons", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Arrested Development".  Try it once and you'll be hooked.  Quality like this doesn't rear it's pretty face very often and rarely sticks around.

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