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T-Mac isn't happy and has been begging for a trade from the Orlando Magic.  Executives from several NBA teams have said Orlando and the Houston Rockets are close to a deal sending McGrady to the Rockets for a package including Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley.  It looks like T-Mac is getting his wish.

What exactly is the deal with T-Mac?  He was drafted out of high school by my Raptors where he played his first three professional seasons.  During his final year hear, we saw him emerge into a potential superstar.  Vince Carter and T-Mac were an awesome 1-2 punch but T-Mac wasn't happy.  He wanted to be the star and he jumped to the Magic upon becoming a free agent.  I remember fellow Raptor fans pleading with T-Mac to stay in Toronto and resign with the Raptors.  I remember how he teased us by insinuating he might stay when he had already made up his mind he was returning to his Florida home.

After four years with the Magic T-Mac wants out again and there's no doubt he'll be wearing another uniform come the fall.  He's an awesome talent, but never happy.  I'm sure in another few years I'll be writing about how T-Mac wants a trade from the Rockets.

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