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The Sopranos

The Sopranos

The long wait is finally over.  It's been over a full year since I last saw a new episode of The Sopranos, but this coming Sunday at 21:00 EST I'll be sitting down for the first episode of season five.

The best part about TMN airing The Sopranos Sunday nights this season is the fact we Canucks will be seeing each episode at the same time it premieres in the United States.  Last year when Tony offed Ralphie it was a definite highlight but not a surprise for this viewer.  You see, season four aired Sunday nights in America and Tuesday nights in Canada.  That meant I had to endure a full two days of avoiding any Sopranos-related news to ensure the events Tuesday night weren't spoiled.  When Raphie was killed it was all over the mainstream media and impossible to miss.  This upset me so much I wrote letters to TMN begging them to air new episodes of The Sopranos on the same night HBO was airing them to avoid the spoilage of one of my favourite shows.  It seems TMN has finally come to their senses and I for one am overjoyed.

Last season seemed to be a set-up season.  A great deal transpired, but other than the death of Ralphie there was little dramatic pay off.  I anticipate a great deal of such pay off this season.  I can't wait for Sunday.

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