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Coming Attractions on DVD

My friend lent me his Hulk DVD which I watched this morning.  When I started the DVD three or four coming attractions began to play.  Immediately I pressed the MENU button but this function was disabled.  There was also no way to advance or fast forward to escape these commercials.  Essentially, I had to sit through almost five minutes of crap I had no interest in before I could advance to the main menu to play the movie. It was extremely irritating and had me cursing Universal Studios before the 137 minute movie even began.

How unfair is that?  I remember coming attractions at the beginning of movies on VHS, but at least you could always fast forward through them to the beginning of the flick.  This DVD was going to show these ads one at a time and there was absolutely nothing I could do other than mute or turn off the television awaiting their completion.  I was borrowing this movie from a friend, but if this had been the case with a DVD I had paid $20+ for, I'd be fuming.  Sticking ads on movies one buys is wrong but having them automatically play at the beginning with no escape is pure evil.  The power to play them or not should reside with the paying customer.  I won't buy a DVD from Universal Studios so long as they continue this annoying practice.

As for the movie, it was too long and lacked a story I could sink my teeth into.  I didn't mind the comic book effects and even enjoyed the CGI Hulk running amok and chucking tanks 500 feet, but it dragged to a point where I simply didn't care how it ended.  It made "Spider-Man" seem like "The Godfather" by comparison.  Save two hours of your life and skip this one.

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