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Blame Canada

Blame Canada

On December 23rd, agriculture officials announced the latest mad cow diagnosis in Washington State, marking the first time the disease has been found in the United States.  This shocking development was followed four days later by the announcement the infected Holstein was born in Canada.  Blame Canada for America's mad cow scare.

Back on August 14th, many of us were hit by the worst black out in North American history.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor George Pataki were quick to claim the blackout originated here in Ontario.  The facts would later prove a failure to contain problems with three transmission lines in northern Ohio was the likely trigger.  Still, the initial reaction was to blame Canada for America's worst black out ever.

Even after 9/11, erroneous reports fueled popular belief among Americans that several of the terrorists entered their country from Canada.  The portrayal of Canada as a sort of refuge for terrorist cells was commonplace in the American media.  As printed in the Washington Times back in January 2003, "Over the last two weeks, front page reports have trumpeted the claim of "Five Terrorists Heading to the US From Canada," and several self-appointed experts and analysts have stated or implied that Canada is the "Achilles heel" of US homeland security. Yet last Tuesday, the FBI announced that the account of the five entering the United States was fabricated and withdrew the photos of the five from its website."  The worst terrorist action in American history and some felt it fitting to blame Canada.

It seems that many of America's recent crises, from the extreme with 9/11 to the annoying blackout and the economically devastating disaster that is bovine spongiform encephalopathy, are initially blamed on Canada.  It's as if our geographic locale directly above Uncle Sam makes us a natural target for such reflex actions.  They always blame Canada first.

It seems that everythings gone wrong,
Since Canada came along.
Blame Canada,
Blame Canada.

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