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The Smart Simpsons


An interesting article appears today in The Baltimore Sun.

This article touches on the fact you get a far smarter take on current events by watching cartoons like The Simpsons than you do watching political debates and such.  Jesse Walker writes, "Ever since The Simpsons launched the current boom in adult animation, we've been more likely to hear pointed social commentary from animated cells than from anyone running for office."

Part of the reason I adore The Simpsons so is the fact it's intelligent.  No institution is safe.  Everyone and everything is a potential target for a comedic jab or satire.  If you're not following current events, you're missing a third of the jokes.  It's not necessarily a liberal or a conservative agenda either, as this article points out, the show's fans range from the conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg to the leftist linguist Noam Chomsky.

Is this show I've watched religiously since I was 15 the reason for my obvious genius?  Perhaps.

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