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Anyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to  I received the following submission earlier today.

A couple of Christmas' back I purchased a Maple Leaf jersey for both brothers.  Mike was given the late great jersey of Bill Barilko, and it was given with confidence that his legend would live on and the value of the authentic leaf jersey would never devalue.  However I took quite a risk when I grabbed a Darcy Tucker jersey for Steve.  Last year I believe he used the jersey to clean up the mess Mike left behind after the Leafs took an exit in the playoffs.   This year, however, that Tucker jersey must be worn proudly.  Every Boo Tucker takes from every fan in every rink we play at makes me ecstatic!!  He not only distracts players and gets them off their game, but he is scoring goals and getting to the right spot on the ice. Tucker is a boon to the Leafs, and I truly believe that every Stanley Cup contender needs a "Tucker" on their team.  So continue yapping your yap Tucker... I, for one, love every word you say.. or cry....
Go Leafs Go!!!!
Ryan Boon

Ryan, I believe your Guest Blog Entry was inspired by last night's Leafs Recap in which I referred to the jersey jinx and the resurgence of Darcy Tucker this season.  Tucker has been doing all the things you mentioned.  He's playing hard, getting the opposition off their game and scoring goals.  He's doing it all and he's a big reason the Leafs are where they are at this point in the season.  Steve should be wearing his #16 with pride.  There's nothing wrong with your #24 either as he's having one hell of a season also.  Of course, I'll always be partial to your raggedy ol' #17.  Wendel Clark was the Leafs of my youth.  Post-Vaive of course.

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