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Gum in packs of Hockey Cards

Why isn't there gum in packs of hockey cards? As a kid I always looked forward to chewing that pink strip of cardboard-like substance dusted with mysterious white powder while I searched for my hockey heroes. We'd chew on that gum till our jaws ached while negotiating trades at recess (Got em, need em, got em ...) and "flipping" cards up against the school walls to see who'd win 'em all (Hey ... that's just a "tipsy" ... no fair!).

Today's hockey cards are vacuum-sealed into packs that can only be opened by those with a PHD and handled with surgical gloves for immediate internment into a plastic sleeve and cases. Priced out of reach for most kids, the hobby has been taken over by adults.

I miss the gum ...

    Tim Legere

Tim, I too miss the gum.  I have fond memories of my old man bringing me home packs of trading cards, only they were baseball cards instead of hockey cards.  My brothers and I had bags full of cards from O-Pee-Chee...I still have my Dave Collins #10 from '83 somewhere.  After opening a new pack, nothing tasted better than that stick of cardboard they tried to pass off as gum.

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