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Go Jays Go!

Another Blue Jay season has come to an end with eerily similar results.  The American League East, a division of five teams, has finished in the exact same order for six consecutive seasons.  Once again, our Jays finished in 3rd, but this year there is much reason for optimism.  The young Jays are better than they were a year ago. They have a winning record and a couple of all-stars who could very well win the Cy Young and MVP awards.  Also, three significant Blue Jay records fell in 2003.

Roy Halladay now owns the Blue Jay record for wins in a season with 22.  This passes the record of 21 held by Jack Morris and Roger Clemens.  Vernon Wells now owns the Blue Jay record for hits in a season with 215.  This passes the previous record of 213 held by Tony Fernandez.  Not to be outdone, Carlos Delgado has bettered his own Blue Jay record for RBIs in a season with 145, surpassing his 137 from 2000.

Go Jays Go in 2004!

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