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Introducing The Smells Like Sour Home Page

Smells Like Sour

Those of you who follow this Blog have come across a couple of references to the Smells Like Sour franchise. I pondered what tunes would comprise SLS9 here and revealed the final songlist for SLS9 here.  I even maintain the SLS Database here.

For those of you just joining us, Smells Like Sour is basically 80 minutes of what the SLS committee deems to be the best tunage of the previous six months.  SLS is "released" just prior to Canada Day and Christmas Day each year.

Finally, Smells Like Sour has an official home page.  From this page you can access the songs that have appeared on the first nine installments and suggest a song for #10.  You can even comment on the current submissions.  Click here now for the new and improved Smells Like Sour homepage and get on the bus.

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