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The Star Wars Kid

The Star Wars Kid

By now, everyone knows the Star Wars Kid.  Ghyslain Raza is the chubby 15 year old kid from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec who made a video of himself imitating the combat style of Jedi knights with a golf-ball retriever.  This two minute video has quickly become a cyber-space staple.  In certain corners of the globe, Ghyslain Raza is quite famous. You can view the video here.

The news is reporting that the four high school students who stole this video and made it available via Kazaa, and their parents, are being sued for $225,000.  Something about the boy being so widely mocked at his private high school that he dropped out.

The Raza family is playing this all wrong.  Sure, any typical 15 year old kid would be initially humiliated at becoming the butt of a global joke, but I'd trade places with him in a second.  Those kids did Ghyslain a huge favour.

I would play it up and hit the talk show circuit.  As a bonafide celebrity in the Star Wars geek kingdom, I'd be making appearances at trade shows and parlaying my 15 minutes of fame into some serious coin.  The story alone in invaluable.  If you're reading this Ghyslain, read this part out loud and with pride: I'm the Star Wars Kid and rich geeks throughout the world identify with me!  The end result can be nothing but positive.

I wish I were the Star Wars Kid.

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