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O Canada!

O Canada!

Canada bashing has become a popular sport of late.  With no defense to speak of and an unwillingness to follow our giant neighbours to the south on their way into Iraq, we've been labeled as traitors and worse.

As I see it, we were right.  Sure our Prime Minister comes across as an arrogant buffoon at times, but he wanted to see "da proof" that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and he wasn't buying what Powell was selling. "Da proof" wasn't there.  It turns out Chretien was right.  If Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, rest assured they'd have been discovered by now.  Canada's conscious is clear.

Furthermore, the wheels are in motion to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana.  The US doesn't like it, but we don't care.  Smoking a little weed won't get you a criminal record and this is a good, sensible thing.  Canada progresses and leaves America in it's smoke trails.

Finally, Chretien said last week that he wouldn't challenge the ruling from Ontario's Supreme Court that same-sex marriages were legal.  Here, here.  Homosexuality is not a crime.  It's time a gay person is granted the same rights as a straight person.  Canada becomes the third nation in the world to allow same-sex marriages and I've never been so proud.

2003 is almost half over and in my opinion it's been a landmark year for Canadian independence and pride.  In a previous blog entry on Victoria Day, I mentioned it's time we stop acting like Britain's bitch.  Well, from what this Canadian sees, we're no longer going to be America's bitch either.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.  With what, we're not sure, but if I want to marry a dude and smoke a fatty to celebrate, it's all good.

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