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2012 Polaris Music Prize Short List Nominees

The 2012 Polaris Prize nominees have been unveiled. Cadence Weapon - Hope In Dirt CityCold Specks - I Predict A Graceful ExpulsionDrake - Take CareKathleen Edwards - VoyageurFeist - MetalsFucked Up - David Comes to LifeGrimes - VisionsHandsome Furs - Sound KapitalJapandroids - Celebration RockYAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN - YT // ST
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The Best Grunge Albums

Exactly 8 years ago today, I wrote about the 11 greatest grunge albums.  That entry received zero comments.  I'm hoping we can beat that record today. Here's the list from 8 years ago: Nevermind - NirvanaIn Utero - NirvanaTen - Pearl JamDirt - Alice in ChainsVs. - Pearl JamTemple of
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Top 20 Countries by Population

According to Wikipedia, here are the twenty most populated countries.RankCountry (or dependent territory)Population% of world population-World6,984,300,000100.00%1 China[4]1,339,724,85219.18%2 India1,210,193,42217.33%3 United States312,856,0004.48%4 Indonesia237,641,3263.4%5 Brazil192,376,
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Crazy Shit About Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Il is dead.  That's a great reason to dust off these 17 bizarre details about the Dear Leader's life, blatantly stolen from The Daily Mirror. 1. His official biography claimed his birth was foretold by a swallow and led to the appearance of a double rainbow along with
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Coolest Christmas Songs

Christmas music is everywhere.  You can't escape it, I think they're now piping it through the sewage system.  Christmas music cannot be avoided at this time of year. Most Christmas music is pretty awful.  In fact, about 98% of Christmas music is terrible, which only leaves us 2%.  Damn I'm
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Born in Edmonton

Edmonton is the northernmost North American city with a metropolitan population over one million. I'll bet you didn't know all of these fine folks were born in Edmonton. Michael J. FoxW. P. Kinsellak.d. langMark MessierRobert GouletMarshall McLuhanScott NiedermayerNellie McClungMoe BergJill HennessyTommy ChongDion PhaneufBruce McCullochJarome IginlaThere are others.  Who's your
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10 Celebrity Deaths of 2010

As 2010 draws to a close, you'll likely be seeing a lot of celebrity death lists, remembering those who died throughout the year.  For as long as I've had a personal home page on the interweb, I've marked celebrity passings.  You can read them all at
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10 Cool Christmas Songs

Earlier in the month I shared the perfect Christmas playlist.  Now it's time for the 10 coolest Christmas songs. Who says Christmas music has to be awful?  Here are ten cool Christmas tracks. Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Tom WaitsSanta Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto -
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The Perfect Christmas Playlist

I was asked today to supply the music for a Christmas party in a couple of weeks.  I get those types of requests all the time because I'm awesome at it.  Tell me the event and who's attending and I'll create the playlist for you. Here's a rock solid holiday
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