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Mapping Toronto’s Media Ecosystem

I was pleasantly surprised this morning when Jesse Hirsh tagged me on Twitter with a tweet linking to this article he just published.

Mapping Toronto’s Media Ecosystem
“Explore how Toronto Mike’s podcast shapes the city’s culture, politics, and sports, mapping Toronto’s diverse media landscape.”

He titled it "Mapping Toronto’s Media Ecosystem" and it opens with this:

In the vibrant tapestry of Toronto’s cultural, political, and sports landscapes, one voice has emerged as a crucial navigator: Toronto Mike of the Toronto Mike’d podcast. Through his prolific publishing schedule and adept interviewing skills, Toronto Mike has become an integral part of not just chronicling but also shaping the media ecosystem in Toronto.

Toronto Mike’s podcast, Toronto Mike’d, serves as a microcosm of Toronto’s rich and diverse culture. His interviews cut across various sectors, offering listeners a panoramic view of the city’s heartbeat. From stars in the music industry to seasoned political commentators, his guests bring a plethora of perspectives, making the podcast a melting pot of ideas and discussions.

I won't post more, as I want you to click through and read it on Jesse's Eco Punks page, but paragraph headers include:

  • Political Insights: Without the Partisan Nonsense
  • Sports Narratives: Beyond the Game
  • Cultural Chronicles: Capturing the City’s Tunes
  • Toronto Mike’s Role in Shaping Perceptions

I am grateful for these kinds words of praise.

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