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Investing in Portable and Customizable Protective Coatings Equipment

Protective coatings are used to safeguard surfaces against damage. Engineered for extreme durability and designed for use in various environments and climate conditions, protective coatings provide reliable defense.

Bolair provides high-pressure single and plural component spray equipment from Graco and Wiwa that is capable of spraying 100% solids coatings without solvents. We provide fully customizable systems, such as those featuring heated hoses, intrinsically safe units or glycol heated fluid hoppers for maximum versatility and effectiveness. Portable and Customizable Protective Coatings equipment from Bolair is the perfect solution for safeguarding your investments.

Polyurea Sprayers

Polyurea spray coatings have many different applications; from process vessel protection and tank liners in the chemical industry to floor sealers and protective coatings for concrete flooring in industrial plants; military applications including outdoor dwelling reinforcement as well as providing work truck abrasion resistance and corrosion prevention, they're used everywhere from chemical plants to work trucks!

Polyurea's durability and quick setting time make it an excellent choice for commercial and industrial roofing, waterproofing basement walls, canals and ponds as well as pump coatings to reduce cavitation, erosion and maximize pump output.

Polyurea can also be an excellent way to protect and extend the longevity of fire trucks, which rely on being quickly transported to accidents or disasters quickly and safely. When working with high-strength, fast-curing products, it's vitally important that appropriate protective coating spray equipment be chosen in order to provide optimal results.

Graco Sprayers

Contractors working with 100% solids epoxy or polyurethane need not look further than Graco for high-pressure spray equipment suited for heavy bodied 100% solids products - our high-pressure spray equipment will deliver years of reliable service!

Graco's electric handheld sprayer is an ideal tool for an array of projects, including staining, painting over rust or cabinet painting. With a reversible spray tip designed to quickly clear any clogs without interrupting its continuous flow, this carry case features five cup liners to reduce post-project cleanup time as well as Pump Armor fluid to protect its vital hydraulics.

Built for professional contractors who regularly undertake large commercial and industrial jobs, this airless sprayer is ideal for applying various coatings without needing to thin them down first. Equipped with an adjustable RAC X 515 SwitchTip for better atomization, an Endurance Pump with V-Max packings for greater durability, stainless steel cylinder, QuikAccess feed valve for quick cleanup, this airless sprayer makes life simpler for contractors working large jobs on an ongoing basis.

Wiwa Sprayers

WIWA spray equipment is ideal for wood and metal-working industries, paint shops, mechanical engineering shops, vehicle construction firms, as well as industrial applications. Their high area output and thick coating capabilities make them suitable for large-scale painting projects while being easy to operate via hose. WIWA equipment features high area output with thick coating capabilities which is easily managed using just a hose connection; additionally it can accommodate several spray guns at the same time even with extremely long hoses making operation simpler than ever!

PROFESSIONAL series airless and air-combi spraying units stand out with their reliability and durability, boasting robust designs made of quality materials to withstand even the toughest everyday use. Their long service lives and easy maintenance make them a wise investment.

The HERKULES series of airless pumps is an industry leader when it comes to high-pressure, powerful airless pumps. Their large piston volume enables high pressure ratios with huge delivery rates, making possible sprayable applications of materials which previously weren't possible or were only sprayable under specific conditions.

Bolair Fluid Handling Systems

No matter whether it's spray foam insulation or staining a deck, protecting surfaces with spray coatings helps prevent wear and tear that causes long-term damage and saves money on repair bills in the form of repairs over time. This approach may save time and money in repairs in the long run.

Investment in a high-quality protective coating spray machine can boost productivity and quality of work. A Graco XM plural component system, for instance, can pump, mix and atomize up to 100% solids of paint for quick application with precise ratio control, as well as store and download spraying data history.

Bolair offers specialized equipment that can be used to spray various materials for waterproofing, fireproofing and other industrial uses.

Bolair's turnkey spray rigs provide everything necessary for operating protective coatings or spray foam insulation projects, from inspection and repairs at its Halton Hills and Edmonton facilities to on-site repairs at customer jobsite locations. Their service staff offers repairs both in-shop at Halton Hills or Edmonton locations as well as on customer jobsite locations.

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