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Maria Del Mar and Mary Jo Eustace

I proudly produce Mary Jo Eustace's podcast. It's called Senior Bitches, and rose from the ashes of what was Ex's and Uh-Oh's, a podcast she had with her ex-husband Dean McDermott. That did not end well. Buy me a beer and I'll tell you the story.

The latest episode of Senior Bitches is a heart wrenching conversation with Maria Del Mar. This is a deeply moving and inspiring conversation with an award winning actress, producer and activist in the throes of battling cancer as well as processing the loss of her son Gabriel.

As Mary Jo puts it:

Guided by her incredible intellect and raw courage, we dive deep into the monsters and questions that reside within, knowing that at one time or another, we will all be called to confront. She is one of the strongest life forces I have ever known.

We laugh, we cry and consume numerous cocktails all the while navigating this tangled experiment we call life, where there is always joy and beauty in the mix,  if you choose to find it.

Subscribe to Senior Bitches here, and listen to MJ with MDM below.

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