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Toronto Mike'd Partnership Opportunity

June has been wild... as I glance at the calendar and realize school's out in a couple of days, I'm also reminded that it's June 28 and there will be a primo Toronto Mike'd sponsorship slot available for July.

Toronto Mike'd has been kicking ass and taking names for 11 years now, and the critical and commercial acclaim is sky high, so consider now the ideal time to jump into a partnership with me. There's prime real estate available on the studio wall, and opportunity to gift something to guests, love in the intro, outro and meat of the Toronto Mike'd podcast sandwich, not to mention the love on and social media. It's insane value!

DM me or write me at mike (at) torontomike (dot) com if you'd like to hear more... I'm happy to jump on a call or bike over for coffee or GLB...

Let's do business together!

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