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What new technologies are casinos using to attract players?

As technology continues to improve, various industries are taking advantage to become even better. Technology has led to the rise of the gambling industry, especially online casinos. As new online casinos pop up all the time, technology is being introduced to make 30 no deposit bonus casino gambling even better at attracting players.

Introducing AI

You may wonder how casinos always know what to recommend. Casinos are using the power of artificial intelligence to improve the gaming experience for players. This technology attracts players to casino sites every single day. If you are interested, you may notice that recommendations come to you every time you log into your web casino. These recommendations are primarily for the games that interest you.

Online casinos use predictive analytics and machine learning to track player behaviour on the site. This information can then be used to create a more personalised experience for customers, optimising the gaming experience and giving them a more personalised experience overall. Predictive analytics allows operators to always stay ahead of their competitors by offering products that meet their customers' needs earlier than others.


Long gone is the era when players had to stand in long queues before a support operator could sort them out. Chatbots are automated answering machines programmed to answer any casino related questions. This technological advancement provides solutions to common problems by mapping them strategically. The use of chatbots has reduced waiting times for players in the queue, as only players with serious problems are approached by agents.

Live dealer gaming

Live dealer games are one of the technologies that clearly attract players to online casinos. If you compare games in a physical casino and an online casino, both have advantages the other does not. Live games combine the best features of both.

In live casinos, players can interact with live dealers, unlike traditional online casinos. This ensures that players get the full experience of physical gaming in a physical casino. On the other hand, players can get a wide selection of games as in a traditional online casino.

You can get a lot of casino games compared to a physical casino. All in all, live dealer games have become a major attraction for online casino players.

Live streaming

Streaming services have allowed people to follow tournaments and casino events. Previously, people could only follow events with live trackers and scoreboards to see what was happening. Today, you see the event as it happens, thanks to live streaming. Casinos with 30 free spins no deposit required collaborate with services like Twitch and YouTube to show various events as they happen.

The best part is that these tournaments are watched by a huge number of people, more than you can imagine. Old-school players are among those who deeply appreciate this innovation.

Smartwatch casinos

What you may not know is that there are many online casinos that support gambling on smart devices. People are now getting used to gambling on mobile devices and iPads. But did you know that you can gamble on watches?

Technologies such as machine learning, smart technology and big data are revolutionising the use of smart watches. It's a new trend that's rapidly growing in popularity among gamers. There are many games you can play on a smart watch, including:

  • Roulette;
  • Bingo;
  • Slots

This technology helps players experience another alternative to mobile gambling when their computers and mobile phones are not at close range. Gambling has never been easier.

Virtual and augmented reality

VR and AR are some of the best technologies that attract players to online casinos. This immersive technology allows players to experience the casino experience without being in a real casino.

AR is a type of computer imaging that allows digital information to be added to the user's environment in real time. VR, on the other hand, immerses the player in a whole new world with realistic sounds and 3D images.


Gambling has come a long way since its inception centuries ago; from the ancient games played with dice or coins, to the modern digital landscape with modern websites where you can play your favourite slots or table games from almost anywhere in the world!

However, with this evolution comes a change in how these websites attract new players; from attractive promotions and bonuses offered by operators, combined with clever marketing tactics such as targeted advertising or loyalty programmes designed specifically for players looking for something extra when visiting an online casino site!

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