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The Best Podcasts for Niche Hobbies

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Now more than ever we as a population are consistently invested in entertainment and finding unique ways to amuse ourselves whilst also being productive. This trend has coincided with a surge in the volume and popularity of podcasts with the industry now having a variety of different podcasts for many niches. In fact, currently, there are 2.4 million podcasts globally, meaning that there is more choice than ever when it comes to picking one to listen to. In this context it is worth exploring what the best podcasts are for niche hobbies.

Firstly, nowadays as we are constantly on the go podcasts are incredibly useful as they allow us to multitask while we do things like walking or cleaning. They can also be extremely informative in their content as some even direct listeners about how to play a poker game. In fact, the Red Chip Poker podcast hosted by James Sweeney was started in 2015 and has been downloaded over 3 million times with news that it is now on its fifth season. On this podcast, there are a myriad of coaching sessions and interviews with those who are notable on in the poker scene. The most attractive quality about this podcast is the fact that it is suitable for both beginners and advanced poker players. This means that it strikes a balance with the strategies that are discussed on it as they will never be too basic or complicated. Many poker fans will agree that this podcast has been crucial for them in taking their game to the next level.

Furthermore, it isn’t just casino games that listeners can learn about as they can also be educational in terms of languages. Coffee Break Languages is a groundbreaking podcast launched in 2006 hosted by Mark Pendleton and it has paved the way for other podcasts in the realms of language learning. Currently, the network has a huge range of free materials for learners at every level from French and Italian to Chinese and English. Each episode is made to resemble a lesson with the inclusion of native speakers to help your ear adjust to how the language is spoke. The episodes are easily digested also as the length fluctuates between 20 to 30 minutes meaning that you could easily fit them into your schedule.

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Moreover, there are other podcasts that you can listen to for niche hobbies. For those who like to listen to music in their spare time the 60 Songs that Explain the ‘90s Podcast is truly worth a listen. Available on Apple podcasts as well as Spotify, it has been running since 2020 and is hosted by music critic Rob Harvilla. Covering a range of music genres, this podcast is known for mixing sharp critical analysis with endearing personal anecdotes.

In addition, Bookclub is a podcast exclusively for those avid readers and book fanatics that now has over 200 episodes. Led by James Naughtie, it has been running since 2015 and it has delved into discussions about some of the greatest novels in history. Some of the guests that have featured on this podcast have been Don DeLillo, Jay McInerney and Donna Tartt. This podcast has been useful for both aspiring writers and bibliophiles as it questions some of the great authors of our time with opportunities for an audience to probe them themselves. It gives us a glimpse into the ideas behind the book and the art of storytelling.

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Of course, meditation has also made its way into the realm of podcasts allowing listeners to relax and unwind. The Daily Meditation Podcast is one example and it is led by Mary Meckley and available on Apple Podcasts. It has already been running for a few years and for many it has been beneficial for their mental health allowing them to detach from the worries of everyday life and escape for a while. Alternatively, The Mind and Life podcast hosted by Wendy Hasenkamp touches on fundamental questions that crop up through bridging science and contemplative wisdom. It takes a philosophical approach and allows us to question how deeply we understand our minds. As it is available on a range of outlets including, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts it is now more accessible than ever to listen to thought provoking conversations.

In conclusion, as the podcast industry is booming at an alarming rate there are an abundance of variations to choose from. From podcasts centred on educational topics such as poker or languages to those podcasts that are more casual in nature the list is endless when it comes to picking one. In the future, as we turn towards face paced activities and multitasking it is predicted that there will be even more variety when it comes to podcasts. In fact, there may even be a chance that they could dominate the entertainment industry in the years to come.

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