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That How Soon Is Now Riff

My youngest daughter was just experimenting with her hair and outfit and asked me what I thought. I told her she looked like a hippychick, and then played a song that I thought would make fo a good theme song, should she be looking for a theme song. Six year old are always looking for a theme song.

Here's Soho's "Hippychick".

If you recognize that sampled riff off the top, that's because it's the famous Johnny Marr riff from The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?". Here's that CFNY staple.

As a result of Soho using that sample from "How Soon Is Now?", Johnny Marr got 25% of the song's royalties. But wait, is that really a Johnny Marr original?

Johnny ripped it off of a Rolling Stones cover of a Bo Diddley song. Here's the Rolling Stones cover of "Mona (I Need You Baby)".

And here's the Bo Diddley original, simply titled "Mona".

Bo Diddley should have received 25% of Soho's royalties for "Hippychick" and, more importantly, a good chunk of The Smiths' royalties for "How Soon Is Now?".

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