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Neofin and its capabilities

Neofin is a cloud-based online loan application software, so it and its data are not stored in the memory of your computer. Since such applications depend on remote servers, you need to have a permanent Internet connection to access Neofin.

To use product modules, you do not need to download or install any files on your computer.

Permission for personal recording

Learn about the public record-sharing feature and how to apply for access to your record. Here we can find out the answer to whether we can leave the online loan application .Public account sharing gives you the option to grant access to your account to another person, such as an organizer or your company's CEO.

You can transfer access to both individual applications and all account functions. To grant access, in the "Profile" menu, select the "Sharing" option.

On the Account Sharing page, click the Access button.

Further, as it were, everything is simpler, fill out the form, indicating the email address of the person you are giving access to, his access level, and the application to which you want to give access.

In addition, you can hide messages from the user and allow him to set a pending order.

There are a couple of access level options:

  • Browsing - A user with access permission can make their own adjustments to your account, such as changing your applications and other settings in your control panel.
  • Editor / Owner / Administrator - This person can make purchases using the saved payment method.
  • A person with access can make the above changes, as well as additionally add new accounts/applications with an already added payment method.

Once accessed, another person, however, will not be able to in your account:

  • own payment methods in the account or add new ones;
  • give other people access to your account;
  • view or change profile information (for example, change email, name, phone, address, and password);
  • portability or unlock applications, change contact information, manage auto-renewal or pending orders.

Can I see who has access to an account?

In the "access" tab, you can find users who have access to your account. There you will also see the email addresses of all the people you have given access to.

Neofin - faster, lighter, more efficient.

Neofin is a logically understandable software based on machine intelligence, which makes it possible to fully automate all operations for issuing loans. From inquiry to credit scoring, issuance, and verification, we take care of everything.

Section to control access to the free demo version of Neofin.

In this section, you have the opportunity to flexibly configure access to the modules that interest you and add members of your team to share access. The demo version allows you to work with the system and all its modules using test data. Access time is regulated by internal rules and can vary from 5 to 40 days.


Tab for managing personal data and personal record settings.

Here you have the ability to check your login settings, change your details and delete your account, and manage sharing features for projects you've created.

Important! When you delete your account, all projects and data created by you, access to which you have not transferred to other members, will be permanently deleted. See the   "Account" section for more details.

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