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3 Ways to Promote Company Branding at Toronto Business Events

Toronto business events can provide you with a number of excellent opportunities to enhance your company’s brand awareness. No matter what kind of image you want to promote, the main thing is to get your name out there, as well as your company logo and slogan, so that it will stick in the minds of everyone who attends. Here is a list of 3 of the best ways that you can promote your company easily at Toronto business events.

1) Security ID Card Lanyards

Almost every business event you attend in Toronto will include security ID cards for everyone in attendance. These useful devices help to ensure that only those people who have been invited to attend the event are permitted access. Often, event organizers will even purchase a security ID card printing system to gain more control over how their security system works.

Lanyards are accessories that attach to security ID cards to makes them easy to use, to observe, and to prevent loss. Since they can be manufactured to contain a company name, logo or slogan, they offer an excellent opportunity to promote branding.

Every single person in attendance at the event will be using an ID card, so your company name will be seen by everyone in attendance. If you manufacture the lanyards with the help of Toronto's trusted source for custom lanyards and provide them to each person, then they will be also be pleased to receive a free and useful gift.

2) Use Social Media

Events of every type are advertised on various social media platforms. Hire a social media expert to stay connected to the event on all channels as often as possible in the days leading up to the event. While the person you hire should be well-acquainted with the process of becoming visible on social media and appearing helpful, here are a few points to keep in mind:

Use Facebook ads to target relevant people

Share short videos promoting your company and demonstrating its relevance to the event

Create a buzz using photos from previous events

Create a hashtag

Post a follow-up after the event and allow people to contact you

3) Follow the 4 Rules of Strong Brand Awareness

There are 4 rules to always keep in mind when it comes to company branding: be unique, meaningful, authentic and consistent. While you can be present at business events, use social media, and promote your company with merchandise, you should always follow these 4 rules at every step of the way. The internet generation is the most skeptical of all, so it is extremely important that your company doesn’t come across as disingenuous or cliché.

Business events  are one of the best places to promote you company because people are already expecting to be introduced to new companies at such times. Use your opportunity to promote your image by following these practical guidelines while planning.

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