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Electric Surfing in Ontario

My friend is bringing electric surfing to Ontario and it's pretty cool. Here's the press release with all the info.

Electric surfboarding is becoming one of the sports world's newest crazes and is an activity that is already well established in Europe.

This exciting new sport finally came to Canadian shores under the name Ecosurf Canada. The first location opened up in Montreal in 2021 and is now launching its first ever branch in Ontario under the name Ecosurf Mississauga. and will be  located on the shores of Lake Simcoe at the picturesque Friday Harbour resort in Innisfil, Ontario.

The vision behind Ecosurf is to offer an amazing surfing experience that is both eco-friendly and captivating. The beauty of electric surfing is that no wind or waves are required to take part in this new activity! Located within a one-hour drive from downtown Toronto.

What is Friday Harbour?
Friday Harbour is a beautiful beach club as well as a resort on the shore of Lake Simcoe. Food and beverages are available for take out on the beach. No membership is required to come surfing.

How does electric surfing work?
Ecosurf offers models made in Spain by the company Onean with double electric propulsion generated by a lithium-Ion battery (like cell phones), silent and controllable by Bluetooth (wireless). The battery life (from 40 minutes to 1 hour) varies according to the power demand whether the user is an experienced surfer or a beginner. At full capacity, it is possible to reach 45 km/h.

Onean products are approved by Transport Canada.Ecosurf Mississauga Launch Event – All rentals 25% off!

The rentals are up and running since July 1st but the Official Launch will be this July 23rd 2022, at FRIDAY HARBOUR, 50 minutes from downtown Toronto. The curious and enthusiasts are all welcome to come and try electric surfing. They will be able to combine their Ecosurf experience with other activities in the area.

Three high-end board models (worth between $10,000 and $17,990 CDN) are available for exclusive sale or rental. Your rental package includes an introductory lesson + the use of a battery or 1 hour of surfing maximum.
Rental prices and specs.

CARVER X: $154,99 for one hour or the duration of battery charge.
Between 175 lbs and 240 lbs of weight capacity.

CARVER TWIN: $134,99 for one hour or the duration of battery charge.
Maximum 170 lbs of weight capacity.

MANTA: $104,99 for 1 hour – This is not a surfboard but an electric paddleboard
Up to 300 lbs of weight capacity
Up to 4 hours of usage on a single charge

Friday Harbour
3999 Sunreef Ave, Innisfil, ON L9S 0J7
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