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Sports Betting in Canada - Why it’s So Popular

The online gambling industry is thriving in Canada with the nation now listed as one of the top ten gambling revenue countries in the world. Globally, the online gambling industry is thriving and growth is set to continue beyond 2022. Lockdown restrictions worldwide were a contributing factor to the online gambling boom as they led to more people seeking online entertainment from home. Improved technologies and digitalisation of online casinos have also meant easier access and improved customer experience for users.

Sports betting in Canada is very popular and generates billions in profits. Online gambling opportunities have brought an even wider audience to Canada's betting scene. Check out Oddspedia for some great tips on placing online sports bets.

Changes in legislation and gambling laws have increased consumer trust in online betting sites. Considering the popularity of hockey, basketball, football and baseball, and the range of betting possibilities,it’s hardly surprising that sports betting is such a hit. Other reasons for its popularity are listed below:

  • The variety of available sports keep it fun and sports betting really can boost your finances. You don’t have to pay tax on your winnings either.
  • It’s not just based on pure luck! You can learn strategies to improve your chances of successful betting.
  • Digital sports betting gives you access to infinite betting opportunities. You can choose minor or major leagues and individual matches or opt for live or virtual betting. For hockey alone, you can choose money line betting, puck line, over under, future betting to name just a few!.
  • Online sports betting is also convenient and discreet. Mobile sports betting is becoming increasingly popular among female bettors.
  • Bonuses and sign up offers are great incentives to attract and retain players.

How do I start sports betting?

With the amount of online bookies, betting terminology and wagering possibilities, sports betting is an exciting sector and maybe just a little overwhelming for new bettors. Most online betting sites will have glossaries to explain the terms and will usually provide easy-to-follow guides. Once you’ve chosen your online betting site, follow the simple steps to get started below:

  • Open an online betting account. This means simply filling in a sign up form.
  • Deposit some money in your account. There are several payment options available for deposit and withdrawal methods so you’ll easily find one that suits you.
  • Click on sports on the betting site and you'll easily see the list of sports to bet on.
  • Once you’ve selected your sport, the betting options appear with the odds.

It really is that simple. Good luck and have fun!

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