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Top Sporting Events in Canada

People often associate Canada with snow, mountains, and bears. However, there is more to Canada than outsiders can ever imagine. Talk of the more adrenaline-pumping, friendly rivalry associated with sports, Canada has it all in abundance. From skeleton bobsleigh to ice hockey to football and more, Canada is a top place to enjoy participatory sports and even bet on a couple.

It is not such a big surprise, therefore, that the sports betting market in the country are booming. If you are a sports lover and you are also considering profiting from something you love, you can consider betting on sports.

The best part is that you can get daily tips to help you make informed decisions on your betting adventures. So, what national sports events are popular in Canada? Which ones should you look forward to in the year? Let us check them out!

The Stanley Cup

Ice Hockey is undoubtedly popular in Canada and it is what soccer is to the British. It is expected therefore that one of the most popular yearly sporting events in the country is the Ice Hockey tournament, known as the Stanley Cup.

It is organized by the National Hockey League in Canada and has been in existence since 1893. Beyond just enjoying the fun and excitement that comes with watching the game, punters also make some tidy wins through their bets on their favorite teams.

Curling: The Tim Hortons Brier

Curling is often underrated in terms of the size of its fans across the world. However, Canada is big on curling. For instance, the national team won a gold medal during the Winter Olympics in 2018 and the country also holds the biggest titles in the World Curling Championships.

Canada holds the Tim Hortons Brier event every year and the event sees fifteen teams go against each other to win the Brier Tankard. Of course, there are betting opportunities also attached to the game.

NBA Finals and Playoffs

Although basketball is more popular with the US than Canada, the prowess of the Canadian team cannot be relegated to the classic sport. If you are looking for celebratory entertainment in the world of sports, a Canadian basketball event is a great experience that you would love.

The Toronto Raptors are the pride and joy of Canada when it comes to the NBA. There are many betting opportunities in the NBA and the country has its NBA game during the summer and winter in Toronto.

Bobsleigh and Skeleton World Cups

Canada has never been on the lower scale on the international bobsleigh and skeleton game. The national team won four different gold medals during the Winter Olympics in 2014 for bobsleigh tournaments, and also took the third position for the skeleton in the Olympic medal tables.

These games are surely a popular choice with Canadians and fans can easily bet on outcomes using the right tips.


There are the top four sporting events in Canada. They are not only fun, but they also offer a great way for punters in the country to make some profit while betting on their favorite teams.

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