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Tips to Save You Time and Stress this Holiday Season

Ready or not, the holidays are fast approaching. Stores have already set up their holiday décor and, pretty soon, we’ll start hearing Mariah Carey on the radio. It’s inevitable!

The holidays are a wonderful time of year for many people, but they can be very stressful. Lots of Canadians overspend and feel pressure to get the right gifts and make the right impressions. For weeks, we are surrounded by advertisements and reminders of what the season should look like.

Here’s a list of things you can do now to help manage this stress.

Deep clean and declutter

Having people over might stress you out as you scramble to clean up the house. Take a couple hours this week to clean things up and reduce clutter. Donate what you don’t need. A tidy environment is great for mental health, organization, and mice control in Toronto. Who wants to deal with pests when they have other things to worry about?

Fix drafts and prepare for cold weather

Winterizing the home may slip your mind as you focus on everyday tasks. Plug holes in your window frames and replace weatherstripping to reduce drafts. Then, switch to heavy drapes and bring out the blankets. You’ll be more comfortable, and you’ll save money on your hydro bills.

Plan ahead

Take a moment this weekend to figure out the season’s activities. Who is hosting who? Do you need to make reservations? Now is a good time to find a good deal on travel arrangements. You can compare prices and make fully refundable bookings before sales run out. Brainstorm some gift ideas and think of what you might want to serve your guests.

Stick to a budget

One of the biggest reasons people get stressed out over the holidays is money. Decide how much you want to spend this season and stick to the plan. Be realistic. If it helps, you can pull cash and use that money to keep track of your gift spending. Spread out your shopping trips so you avoid going on a spree and making impulsive buys. Always compare prices.

Do your online shopping now

Shopping online can reduce a lot of stress. No transit, no parking, and no crowds! But – things can take a while to arrive. Give yourself some time this weekend to browse the internet and order some gifts. You’ll get some shopping out of the way and you won’t have to worry about delivery times.

Stay healthy

Many of us tend to overindulge during the holidays. Stay on top of your workout regimen and continue to eat healthy meals. This will make it easier for you to balance those rich holiday foods and reduce stress.

Make some time for yourself

Finally, set aside some time for yourself before your weekends fill up. Pick an activity you enjoy and take a breather. This can be as simple as taking a long walk. A little alone time here and there can help clear your mind and reduce stress, making it easier for you to appreciate the time you spend with family and friends.

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