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Major Fan 590 Shakeup: Scott MacArthur, Richard Deitsch, Rob Wong Out

I spent the morning with former 590 morning show host Greg Brady and we talked openly and honestly about the Fan 590 lineup and why Greg wasn't a part of it. I strongly recommend you listen to all two hours, even if some of it didn't age very well as this day unfolded. Shortly after I published this episode and turned my attention to Lowest of the Low, The Fan 590 announced a major shakeup.

Scott MacArthur appears to be out at The Fan 590. I'm sorry to hear he's been let go, because I'm a big Scotty Mac fan. You can hear my episode of Toronto Mike'd with him here.

Also absent from the new 590 lineup is Richard Deitsch. Richard Deitsch moved to Canada from his home in the USA to be a part of Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. I've invited Richard on Toronto Mike'd but he respectfully declined because he wasn't doing non-Sportsnet shows. I understood, and hope Richard lands on his feet.

Rob Wong, who had been at the station for 13+ years, has also been relieved of his duties. As has Josh Goldberg, who hosted Jays Talk when Mike Wilner left for the booth, Andrew Nie and Jason Rozen.

Jeff Marek will now host a national NHL show from noon to 2pm. I have a lot of time for Jeff and this opportunity is well deserved. Hear Jeff on Toronto Mike'd here.

Nick Kypreos returns after being let go in the summer of 2019. Joining him on the Real Kyper and Bourne show is Justin Bourne. This show will air on 590 from 3-5pm. Nick Kypreos was my guest on Toronto Mike'd for episode 700.

Replacing Scott MacArthur on the morning show is JD Bunkis, Blake Murphy and Ailish Forfar. Blake most recently covered the Raptors for The Athletic and visited me last summer.

Other new shows include The Raptors Show with Will Lou, Blair & Barker with Jeff Blair and Kevin Barker, Jays Talk with Ben Ennis, and The FAN Drive Time with Ben Ennis and Stephen Brunt. This is a tremendous opportunity for Ben Ennis, as Stephen Brunt is as good as it gets. Both gentlemen have appeared on Toronto Mike'd. Ben is here, and Stephen is here and here.

“This is a fan-inspired approach to programming that will focus on team-centric content, recognizing that audiences are most interested in listening to shows that talk about their favourite teams and players,” said Dan Toman, Director of Audio Programming, Sportsnet. “Our new slate of programming is more podcast-friendly and personality driven as we continue our efforts to build a community of sports fans.”

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