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Ethereum - The Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency Might Soon Lead the Market

In 2017, the buzzword was clearly Bitcoin — and for a good reason. The cryptocurrency saw a surge in value that made early adopters rich overnight. But when most of the world was getting into Bitcoin and watching their portfolio grow, another cryptocurrency was quietly making its way to the top: Ethereum.

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is a shared blockchain platform that lets you build decentralized apps. Using Ether, the platform's cryptocurrency, as a form of payment, users can create and publish distributed applications. These dApps (decentralized applications) run on the Ethereum network — a blockchain with a built-in Solidity programming language that facilitates the development and operation of smart contracts.

What makes Ethereum so powerful

The Ethereum network has a lot to offer: smart contracts, an easy-to-use fintech platform, and a strong community backing it. While Bitcoin is backed by trust, Ethereum utilizes blockchain technology to bring real-world solutions to specific industries (healthcare, finance, supply chain, and the Internet of Things [IoT]). Ethereum value is ever-increasing, and sooner or later, it will surpass Bitcoin.

Will Ethereum live up to its expectations

Ethereum news and predictions indicate that the biggest crypto altcoin will defeat the blockchain Goliath (Bitcoin). But it is one thing to make such a big statement and another to be a great achiever. Although we saw many huge names losing their positions, Ethereum is still running strong. A good thing to know is that the EIP-1559 upgrade is closely monitored, as this is an excellent opportunity for Ethereum to scale.

What can we expect from Ethereum in next years

Well, according to Forbes, Ethereum price might hit almost $20,000 by 2025, with the altcoin surpassing Bitcoin as the most used digital currency by next year.

Ethereum price prediction by years

Crypto experts expect Ethereum to have a great 2021 — but that doesn't mean there aren't challenges ahead. Before we get carried away too early, we need to remember what happened in 2017-18. With all factors considered, here are some of the projections for 2022-2025.

ETH price in 2022

According to a recent forecast by analysts, the price of Ethereum is projected to rise to over $7,500 by the end of 2022. Mid-year predictions are at $5,949 while year-end — up to $7,734. It is interesting to notice that The Economy Forecast Agency predicts Ethereum to reach $14,454.

ETH price in 2023

Coin Price Forecast predicts that Ethereum will be worth $9,474 by mid-2023. In addition, it expects Ethereum to be worth $11,179 by the end of 2023. The Economy Forecast Agency gives another optimistic forecast, evaluating ETH at $18,951 in peak time.

ETH price in 2024

Coin Price Forecast is now less optimistic about the rise of Ethereum and predicts minor price changes - mid-year $9,887 and year-end $11,158 mean that Ethereum will stabilize its price. But here comes Prime XBT, which states that the price will erupt to over $36,000. We cannot consider this a serious statement since it contradicts other crypto experts claiming that it will be within the $10-12k range.

ETH price in 2025

We already saw that an expert panel put trust in Ethereum, evaluating it at $20,000 in 2025. Some other platforms were a bit less optimistic. Wallet Investor expects the ETH price to reach $11,987 while Long Forecast comes with a slightly more positive prediction - $12,906. As we can see, the trend for Ethereum is to slowly but surely increase its value.

Overall assumptions for 2022-25

As we can see, the predictions for Ethereum are pretty optimistic, with the cryptocurrency aimed to reach well over $10,000 by the end of 2025. Of course, there are some extreme optimists like Sarah Bergstrand who claim that Ethereum might be worth $100,000 by 2025. Of course, we need to be realistic, but even reality says that it is the right time to invest in Ethereum.

Ethereum and investments

The price of Ethereum is predicted to surge significantly in the next few years. Investors who buy Ethereum on paybis now will be able to reap the largest benefits and earn considerably more profit than those who purchase it later.


Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, but it's already established itself as a strong investment option. With its advanced features and scalability, Ethereum is expected to rival Bitcoin's market share for the foreseeable future — making it one of the most promising investment options available. Because of its cross-industry nature, it will conquer many industries and change billions of lives. Ethereum is here to make a change.

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