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Dead By Daylight - How To Play As The Nurse

The Nurse is no doubt the most difficult killer to play in Dead By Daylight. She can be quite a challenge and that is why the new players mostly avoid using the nurse until they have acquired the required experience. However, if you are still eager to know how exactly you are going to play The Nurse in Dead By Daylight, you have definitely landed in the right place. Here we are going to talk to you about some of the few tips and tricks that you keep in mind while you are playing as The Nurse. You can also use some of the best dead by daylight cheats to survive in the game.

Who is The Nurse?

The Nurse is the one of the slowest killers in Dead By Daylight. The blink ability of The Nurse is excellent. Apart from that, she has various other abilities as well but the ability can be quite harmful to you if you miss it out. She also has a lot of add-ons and perks. Playing with the nurse can be a difficult aspect of the game. However, if you are well aware of her abilities, you can definitely gain an advantage in the game. The nurse can also teleport herself across great distances she can also initiate blinks at a very fast speed.

Few tips and tricks that one should keep in mind:

Get to know The Nurse’s weapon: If you want to play The Nurse, then you must have a proper idea about her weapons.  The Nurse has an extremely powerful weapon which is the bone saw. This weapon is quite easy to use but it takes a lot of time to master the usage of the weapon. Although it has a small reach, it can cause a lot of damage. Also, as the weapon is small, The Nurse will easily be able to regain her composer after swinging the weapon at the survivor.

Understand your perks: Every killer in the game of Dead By Daylight has its own unique perks. The perks are specially designed to meet the unique requirements of the players. The Nurse has three different perks which are Thanatophobia, Stridor and A Nurse's Calling. Each of the perks has a tactical approach. The Stridor perk can make the survivor grunt very loudly in pain. This makes it easier for The Nurse to track the survivor and finish him off. The nurse can easily get very personal with the survivors. So, to improve your chances of surviving in the game, you need to get to grips with each of the personal perks and level yourself up.

Understand her movement speed: You will also need to have a proper idea about the moving speed of the nurse. The nurse is regarded as a slow-moving character in the game. She moves at a very slow pace until and unless she uses the blink ability. In many circumstances, you will find out that the survivor can run faster than The Nurse. However, you should also understand that even though The Nurse has a slower speed, she has weapons that she can use to close the distance.

Make use of the blink ability: The blink ability is a highly advanced mobility skill that is possessed by The Nurse itself. The blink ability has the power to completely change the game. Using the blink ability, the nurse can swiftly close the distance between her and her survivors.

Because of this ability, the nurse can also move through various structures and walls at a great speed. So, you need to carefully analyse the blink equipment and make use of it properly.

Stalk the survivors: One of the best things that you can do in Dead By Daylight is stalking your survivors. The Nurse has the ability to make a very loud noise using the blink ability. This can give away her position. However, learning to use this ability can be quite a difficult task. Stalking your survivor can be really useful when they are playing in a group. You should, however, must always be careful of your mobility movement ability. Try to make your survivors unaware of your presence. This might take a lot of experience but with time, you are going to master it all.And this is how you can play Dead By Daylight as The Nurse. If you have any other strategies in mind, do let us know of them.

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