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All that Glitters: How to Tell if Your Gold is Real

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Gold is the ultimate symbol of luxury. Its glory has been celebrated back to the ancient Egyptian days, where people believed that gold was the flesh of the sun god Ra. It was revered and thought to be sacred because of its marvellous beauty and power.

Have you been curious about the legitimacy of some of your dazzling gold jewellery? You may not live in ancient Egypt, but you’re pretty sure your gold collection in Mississauga is worth something. You want to know the precise value of your collection so you can free up some space in your closet. It can be tricky to know which is real and which isn't. Read on to determine if your gold is the real deal.

Look for an Official Hallmarking

Gold jewelry pieces are typically engraved with a hallmark, which identifies the quality of the content and manufacturer. You can usually find such hallmarks in inconspicuous spots, such as the inside of a ring or on a necklace’s fastener, and it’s a great place to start assessing your item’s purity value.

A standard purity scale is based on millesimal fineness and karats — the unit of mass equal to 200 mg, which is also used to measure pearls and gemstones. The right hallmark can provide greater credibility to a piece's authenticity and make it easier to verify and identify. The only thing to keep in mind is that anyone can engrave a hallmark, so this type of testing is not always 100% fool-proof.

Do a Skin Test

People revere gold for its bright and shiny qualities. But its value is so high because it’s such a durable metal, which means it won't tarnish or rust.

The skin test is a straightforward way to tell if your gold is valuable or not. All you have to do is hold the piece of gold jewellery in your hand for a couple of minutes. Pure gold won’t rub off or leave any stains on your skin, so if you see a green or black chemical reaction with your perspiration, the piece is likely an alloy. Before you perform the test, wash your hand clean of any makeup, powder, or lotion. The surface must be clean and dry to work.

The Magnet Test

Real gold isn't magnetic. Therefore, your gold shouldn't attract a magnet — it's as simple as that. Purchase a high-strength magnet and hover it over your piece. Is anything jumping towards it? If so, you've got yourself jewellery that's only partial gold or pure metal. However, if there's no attraction, then you'll know your piece is authentic.

Take Your Gold to a Pro

Determine your gold jewellery's value by taking it to a professional gold buyer instead of trying to figure it out on your own. Find a gold buyer in the GTA that’s reputable and has been in the business a long time — Toronto's best place to sell your gold will offer respectful service and thorough appraisals from professionals.

You might be sitting on a goldmine (pun intended) and not even know it. Use these tips to figure out what your jewellery is worth, and make some extra cash while doing so!

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