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4 Relationships to Cultivate in Your Professional Network

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There is an unfortunate misconception here in Canada that networking is only for individuals actively looking for a job. That’s simply not true. Even if you are gainfully employed and happy with your prospects, cultivating relationships in your professional network is still fruitful.

The reality is: times may change, situations may worsen, and professional roadblocks may appear. In those cases, having the support and guidance of a robust professional network is invaluable. If you’re a Canadian professional who considers yourself a lone wolf, hopefully this post convinces you to reconsider.

Here are the four people you should always have in your professional network, regardless of how content you are with your employment.

A Recruiter

Recruiters aren’t just useful when you’re looking for work; they can be fair-weather friends as well. Recruiters and staffing agencies keep their fingers on the pulse of industries. They have a thorough understanding of the market, including compensation trends, market demand for specific roles and upward mobility trends.

In other words, a great recruiter can relay key insights that will help you further your career. And, should the time come when you want to change positions, having a solid relationship with a recruiter will be a competitive advantage.

An Employment Lawyer

Things don’t always go according to plan with jobs. Employers may dismiss you, leaving you scrambling to figure out what comes next. In the wake of a dismissal, it can be challenging to know what your rights are. You may feel compelled to sign the first compensation package offered or, worse yet, leave without considering your rights.

That’s where an employment lawyer can help. When you hire a lawyer specializing in wrongful dismissal in Ontario, they help you make sense of fair compensation, wrongful dismissal, human rights issues, discrimination, harassment and more. They’re powerful advocates to have in your corner.

Cultivating a relationship with an employment lawyer isn’t just for the recently dismissed. Consider it a contingency plan to have up your sleeve if things go wrong.

A Mentor

Your career may experience hiccups and roadblocks. For those times, it can be refreshing to hear the perspective of a seasoned veteran of the industry. They can help you contextualize your issues, offer pointers for managing professional disappointments and guide you toward a solution.

It’s never too late to become a protégé. There are several online mentorship platforms that connect you with mentors in various industries.

A Financial Expert

According to a recent survey conducted by Capital One and Credit Canada, roughly half of Canadians say finances negatively impact their mental health. On average, respondents said they worry about finances seven hours a week.

As everyone knows, overall mental health affects how you work. If you want to do away with some of the stress of finances, consider adding a financial expert to your professional Rolodex. They can help you make sense of your money, including taxes, retirement funds, debts and current obligations.

To summarize, professional networking is beneficial regardless of your current employment status. It is so much easier to build a career when you have people in your corner that know the job market, employment law, industry tips and financial realities.

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