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NHL Playoffs Without the Annual Playoff Pool

When I was a much younger man, maybe 19 or 20, I was invited to participate in an NHL playoff pool at Bishop Allen Academy. My brother was in this pool, hence the invite, and the commissioner was a young go-getter named Jason Agnew.

Following the 2002 playoffs, Agnew found himself too busy building a media career to continue running things, so I took it over. For every NHL playoff from 2003-2019, I ran the annual pool. Even as technology evolved, we all got together in the same room to draft. To me, that was the great joy. I never really cared about winning the pool, and evidence of this is the fact I never did!

Here, preserved for posterity, are the results of the 16 playoff pools I ran, and lost.

A few poolies reached out and asked if we could move the draft to Zoom or Skype or something, but I never really considered that. Again, the joy for me was all of us collecting in the same space at the same time and with that gone, it's just a pool.

I hate pools.

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