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The Greatest Music Festival Performances of all Time

Music festivals are not always conducive to offer the audiences some greatest performances. In most cases, artists don’t usually get enough time they want when they are performing at live concerts or festivals. Nevertheless, amid all that there are some greatest music festival performances, which are still fresh in our minds.

This is because some of the musicians always rise to the occasion and save the day for the audience. Even though we have attended a vast number of music concerts. There are performances that we still cherish.  Here we are going to jog your memory and make you reminisce some of the good times you had at some of the music festivals.

Jack White, Coachella – 2015

At the Coachella festival in 2015, Jack White made it clear to his audiences that “music is sacred”. This was to give an emphasis on the mystical power of guitar, bass and the drums. The Detroit music lover amused the crowd with the most memorable performances. His triumphant performance at the Coachella festival will always be fresh in the minds of those who were there.

Dolly Parton, Glastonbury – 2014

Glamorous as ever in a shiny white, rhinestone-covered pantsuit, Dolly Parton went on to pull out quite a show at Glastonbury. The best country queen went on to collaborate with Richie Sambora on a gospel song, “Lay Your Hands on Me”. This was quite a show, and as if that was not enough, she went on and played the Benny Hill theme twice on her saxophone. The sound effects that were coming out from the saxophone were purely melodious. To have a fair assessment, they have the same sound effect you hear when you play online slots games online.

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