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Top Things You Can Do in Canada in Winter

Canada is known as one of the countries with the harshest winters on the planet. Anyone who has visited Canada during the coldest months knows that only real winter lovers can enjoy being outside when the temperature is significantly below zero.

Nevertheless, Canada has various beautiful places to see even if it’s cold outside. If you are comfortable getting dressed in layers and putting on all that winter equipment, check out this text and find the best places to visit in Canada. If not, you can still have some fun at home by watching a movie or playing interesting games thanks to Slotomania.

Now, let’s see what Canada has to offer as a part of its winter fairytale.

Ice Castles

We will start with Ice Castles, a phenomenon that can only be visited in winter, as cold weather is a must for the attraction to exist in the first place. You will feel like you came out of the animated movie Frozen once you step into a castle made completely out of ice.

The frozen venues are hand-made by professional ice artists and have all the parts as if they were made of concrete or some other, stronger material. They feature thrones and towers, ice-carved tunnels, fountains and slides — all frozen with built-in LED lights that change colour and make a real light show at night.

In case you are somewhere between the sight-seeing fan and a gamer, you can have it both ways. Visit the castle, sit on the frozen throne, and play Vegas Downtown Slots for the ultimate experience.


Winterlude is a winter festival held in Canada, organized and overlooked by the Department of Canadian Heritage. Taking place every year since 1979, Winterlude attracts more than a million tourists each year thanks to the flurry of fun it has to offer.

The trademark of the festival is, without a doubt, the Rideau Canal Skateway, the largest skating rink in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are into ice-skating but also like to party, then the right rink for you is the Rink of Dreams. This ice-skating rink is home to DJ dance parties, skating shows, and interactive art displays that will take your breath away.

For the youngsters, there is the Snowflake Kingdom — a gigantic snow park with ice slides and snow sculptures. At this place, children can take part in numerous events and activities with the Winterlude Mascots — a friendly IceHog family.

Once you make sure children are taken care of in the Snowflake Kingdom, go to the Confederation Park, also known as Crystal Garden, and check out the ice sculpture competition, or sit in the ice lounge, sip your hot coffee, and read interesting articles on the web.

Quebec Winter Carnival

A spectacular carnival is something you shouldn’t miss if you happen to be in Quebec during winter. Just like the first two attractions, this one also offers plenty of ice sculptures. However, that’s not what makes Quebec Winter Carnival so great.

The primary attractions of the festival are the daytime and nighttime parades led by a mascot called Bonhomme Carnaval. For those who don’t feel like walking around the city, there are ice canoe races to attend, as well as other sports activities like snowboarding, hockey, dog-sledding, and more.

For those a bit more creative, there is a masquerade ball at the grand ballroom of the legendary hotel Château Frontenac that can take up to 400 people. Finally, as the icing on a cake, you have a chance to witness the traditional bikini snow bath that is a pretty exclusive event you won’t find in many other countries.

Bottom line — there’s no chance you will ever be bored in Canada regardless of the season, as the country has all resources to make your stay as memorable as possible.

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