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Bob McCown Was Not My Guest For Episode 500 of Toronto Mike'd

Four years ago, I put together a little list of ten guests I was pursuing for Toronto Mike'd. The first name on that list, Maestro Fresh-Wes, has now been on twice. The second name was Bob McCown.

It makes perfect sense. I'm Toronto born and raised, and a lifelong sports fan. Throw in the fact I grew up a great fan of radio, and you can imagine I've heard my fair share of Prime Time Sports. This was especially true when I had a commute in a car in the days before Bluetooth was pervasive. When it came to Toronto sports radio, Bob McCown was a big deal, and I wanted an opportunity to have a conversation with him for Toronto Mike'd.

As you may have heard, Sportsnet bought out McCown's contract in June, essentially paying him not to be on The Fan 590. The timing seemed right for McCown to be my special guest for episode 500, a pretty sweet milestone in the burgeoning world of podcasting.

On July 31, with #500 fast approaching, I let McCown know the clock was ticking.

Last chance for @FadooBobcat to be my guest for episode 500 of Toronto Mike'd.

Going, going...— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) July 31, 2019

The result, later that day, was this Tweet from McCown himself

Thx to Toronto Mike for the offer to be his 500th guest. Nothing personal Mike, but I’ll pass. Your website and many of their followers have been taking shots at me for years. I am quite sure they don’t want to hear from a “dinosaur” like me. Good luck with #500 and beyond.— Bob McCown (@FadooBobcat) July 31, 2019

I was taken aback by this response because I've always been pretty respectful of McCown's legacy in this market, and I'm a self-confessed fan. As for followers taking shots at him for years, I really don't think it's been that bad. Sure, the odd comment here and there has been negative, but nothing more than any other on-air personality gets, and nothing worthy of moderation. Many on Twitter assume Bob had me confused with another Mike who writes for a completely different blog that covers sports media. Eventually, McCown chimed in that he's aware there is more than one Mike on "that site". Methinks he's confused again, unless he thinks the entire internet is one big site.

To be clear...I am well aware that there are “multiple Mikes” on that site.— Bob McCown (@FadooBobcat) July 31, 2019

Dean Blundell, a man who wouldn't know the truth if it walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek, just loved McCown's passive aggressive response to my invitation. If Blundell was McCown's source for information about Toronto Mike'd, it suddenly becomes very obvious why he was so ignorant.

Hahahahaha.  @FadooBobcat for the win.  Again. Still the greatest.— Dean Blundell (@ItsDeanBlundell) July 31, 2019

And that's why Bob McCown was not my guest for episode 500 of Toronto Mike'd. If he changes his mind, he knows how to reach me.

As for me, I'm happily moving on. There's plenty more #realtalk to be had.

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